Upgrading to Doppler 2 and FAQs

Doppler 2 is a new version of Doppler, and is available as a separate app. Doppler 2 comes with a lot of improvements and some great new features.

Doppler 2 is a new app

Doppler 2 is a new app on the App Store and sold separately from Doppler 1. To help people to move over to Doppler 2, the app is on sale at a discount for the first week until 00:00 GMT on 13 Jan 2020.

Download Doppler 2 on the App Store

If you purchased Doppler 1 after 1st November 2019 please get in touch (with proof of purchase) for a free upgrade.

What's new in Doppler 2?

Doppler 2 has some great new features including WiFi Transfer and Liked Songs. There are also lots of improvements such as translations for German, Spanish and French, and a refreshed interface.

You can find the full list of features here — Announcing Doppler 2.

Bug Fixes and Updates

Doppler 1 will continue to be supported for the forseeable future. If you have bugs or issues with the app, please still get in touch for help.

There will continue to be app updates for Doppler 1, but these will only be to fix problems. New features will only be available in Doppler 2.

Downloading Doppler 1 on the App Store

Now that Doppler 2 is available on the App Store, Doppler 1 has been removed from the App Store search. If you need to download Doppler 1 again you can do so from the "Purchases" screen in the App Store app.

For more information, please see this guide from Apple — Redownload apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books.

Using my Library from Doppler 1 in Doppler 2

When you first open Doppler 2 it will check if you already have Doppler 1 installed. If you do, Doppler 2 will ask if you want to use your Library from Doppler 1. All your files, preferences and data will be copied over to Doppler 2 ready to use. This process doesn't take up any extra space on your phone.

Have a question not answered here?

If you have a question not answered above, or would like clarification on anything, please get in touch: Email Support

Download Doppler on the App Store